sky hands

hmm so its sunday morning at like 1 something right. what now. well i just saw starwars episode one again. really it just makes me want to make my own sci fi, well epic super glalactic space waring sagas. my ideas of the ultimate spacefaring warrior are so much more whole. i want scenes to be meticulous (though i'm sure every moment of starwars has been combed over and over, but they still seem to miss stuff like luke's light saber in the snow monster cave from epidose 5) every lazer blast accounted for. the epic cosmic warrior is rushing to the loved one's side, but the enemy gets there first. one lazer bolt flies at the warrior, he dances around it effortlessly. the next blast is already hastening toward the one to protect. flooding across the room our hero dashes the lazer bolt aside. in a blink the gun and its trigger puller are cut down the middle. the hero's powers are invisible like 70% of the universe. his sword can only be seen when it clashes. he's actually a calm zen master. his dialog is simple and unintrusive, unconditional. he speaks in taoist poems. i need to start making these, animation and all.