warring 3

well so its pretty exciting when you eat a marshmellow.
yeah.. seaweed is good to eat. it had lots of valuable iodine in it. and it tastes so good wrapped around rice. or torn up over soup. or just by itself (its kinda like eating delicious green paper).
soo kirby super star ultra is just about my favorite game. its got a good learning curve, its super fast. the music is hyper upbeat retro reflashed remixes. and the game is littered with juicy cut scenes. the bottom screen on the ds even gets some good uses. simple but exciting.
i am also dieing to make my ds into a code box. i already have the necessary tools to run homebrew code on my ds. and i already have the makings of the dev platoform. i just have to put it all together and figure out how it works. but then it'll be so sweet.