hearth thoughts

its out. the open beta has begun.
the graphics are great. simple and satisfying. my favorite part of the presentation is the card pack. i love the raised emblem on the card backs. the animated cards are super sweet too. but the leather wrapping the 5 mystery cards. and the magical wax seal holding the packs together, its got such a textural substantial feel. the way it bends as your opening the bundle to reveal you new cards.. the bursting of the seal... its this polish that pervades the game. through the gameplay, and the loading screens. the music and voice acting. and to think.a team of about 15 made this game.

that aside the gameplay is very fulfilling. it seems like this game has been around a lot longer than two months. having a good bit of magic under my belt i feel right at home here. like a lot of other magic playing reviewers have said its got a perfect balance of novelty and familiarity. its amazing easy. and super deep. a lot like smash...

so make yourself a battle account and get your deck, the time is now!