the ds

what a console. somehow. despite our best guesses the ds has for sure won this round. single handedly keeping nintendo alive and relevant. we knew pokemon was gonna be awesome. or at least it should have been obvious it wasnt over for the poket monsters... and nintendo pulled out some miracles from the past. like ocarina of time, starfox etc. but still the vita has such better specs. and plenty of people like it. but pokemon nailed online play. it feels safe and so exciting. trading. battling. living online in that world is so rewarding. so many players trading away monsters with perfect stats. so much advice online. so much...

and the big news. that every ones herd

mobile super smash bros!!!

thiss will be what keeps nintendo
and if they get the online multiplayer right. then. the shows over. that will be the best. even if local multiplayer is good. there won't be much that can compete with that.

but heres to hoping for the gameboy phone. come on you know we need it...