drawing is putting things together. its a soul. its not invented its discovered. all stories take place somewhere. all somewheres exist. color is the same.

taking the pen and pencils in both hands helps. its a lot to pay attention to but using the other hand, occasionally, or simultaneously is amazing. share the art.

its hard to draw with a closet of art not living, not being seen. draw simple things on the page first. you can always eclipse a line with a forest of darker lines above it.

love you hands. drawing is hard and takes a lot of your hands. good salve is invaluable. soak in the art of others. nothing like watching an anime for over flowing graphic inspiration.

take to staring at the moon and sun. its ok. new intense experience almost always elevates expression sooner or later. partake of the plant world. rely on the inside and the outside. they built eathother. eat the plant.s